Tuesday, 16 June 2015

This so called "perfect race of people"..

Nobody's perfect. I am pretty sure everybody has heard that phrase been thrown about before but it is incredibly true. However everybody in their own way are perfect. Okay that sounds contradicting to my first point and you probably sat with a confused brain by what I just said.

The other day I was looking through what many people call a "trash mag" and every single celebrity in there was photo-shopped to complete perfection, not a single blemish was to be seen on their face and everything about them from their figure to their skin was what many young girls now perceive to be "perfect" and "goals". I know this as I have been one to fall into this trap. I myself have idolised these false images that have been put forward to us as young women.  

In the past month I have seen page spreads after page spreads in these magazines titled " celebrities without make-up" and every time I see one I get so annoyed.  These magazines aren't embracing this but instead they are somewhat "insulting" these celebrities and saying horrible nasty comments about their appearances and it's disgusting to the point I can't even read them anymore. It is shameful. But it's also sadly the truth these days. These people are no different to us, they are just ordinary people who have accomplished great things to be proud of us but they have the same feelings we do. People have this constant need inside them for some reason to judge other people on their appearances and I put it out there it isn't always negative there is a lot of positives but I don't see why anybody would feel the need to say anything negative and I will tell you now there could be 100 positive things said and 1 negative but that 1 negative will be the one to stick in that persons mind I promise. 

Magazines will say things such as " She must wear make-up due to the amount of plastic surgery she has had...etc" and many young girls will see these page spreads also and think I look like that without make-up which means I need to wear make-up and I can't go out of the house without it on or I get under eye circles or a blemish and if I haven't got make-up such as concealer on covering it up I mustn't leave the house because I will look like that and people will think things of me similar to that. Young girls should not be made to think that way and have the media put such a negative image forward that as people we aren't good enough. For someone to think they aren't good enough is the worst thing I could ever imagine, I would despise for anybody to think they aren't.  At the end of the day we are all human. There isn't anything wrong with having a blemish or a spot or slightly puffy under eyes. It's all part of who we are as people and it's what makes us up. None of these things define us as people they are just part of who we are.  

These comments get to young people especially girls all the time and causes so many issues and some of which are serious. It's horrible to think about. Girls should be given the message that we are all beautiful in our own way and our skin and our appearance doesn't define who we are as a person. Girls shouldn't feel like they have to wear make-up all the time, they should be able to wake up in the morning and feel comfortable in their own skin. They should feel able to decide that they want to go out wearing no make-up without worrying what people might think or say. Make-up shouldn't be encouraged for girls to use because it's essential for them to cover up a blemish because it's not, the only way girls should ever be encouraged to wear make-up is for them to use it as a creative outlet, something to experiment with not to cover up something on their skin which makes up part of them.  

These comments should never change what people think about themselves and make them feel as if they have to change or act a different way, dress a different way anything along them lines.  There is always things people don't like about themselves but they are part of who we are and people should be embracing these imperfections. The things we don't like about ourselves, are the things that other people love about you.  It's normal to have things we don't like about ourselves and to have a spot because we are human but we shouldn't be shamed and told we shouldn't leave the house because of these things.

Nobody and I mean nobody is born with the perfect hair and the teeniest tiniest skinny body and flawless skin that the media and society in general puts out there endlessly and nobody should feel as if they have to achieve that. It's impossible for any girl to be like the barbie doll they played with every day when they were little. From such a young age these "idolisations" are being put in front of us and these false perceptions and they are highly damaging. In all this whirlwhind a large percentage lose more than self-confidence but they no longer love anything about themselves or even like anything, they look in the mirror and despise everything they see. 

Society and media have taken over.
Destroyed many of us as people.

Every single day I see or speak to at least one person who isn't happy with themselves or don't feel good enough and feel the need to cover up. Coming from somebody who themselves have extremely low confidence and are constantly trying to change and improve themselves whether that's dying my hair or changing the way I dress  is rich but I really do think we need to all embrace ourselves and be proud of who we are as people. 

If we were to strip away from all these "idolisations" and get to know people for who they are rather than defining them as people for having a spot or a blemish or curves, even as a boy who doesn't have that so called "athletic" body. Even factors such as the people they choose to be friends with. Rather than judging people on their looks instead getting to know them as a person and their personality, that's when we get to know people for 
who they are and see what makes them perfect.

Nobody can love or even like somebody solely based on their appearance  and if a girl just how beautiful they look with all their hair and make-up done, it comes down to something much deeper than that. Every little thing that makes up that person, even the things they don't like about themselves, their traits and interests, you fall in love with everything not just their appearance.  The way they smile when they are happy and doing something they love or the way their face lights up and they laugh when they are with you. 

There isn't any set definition for perfect because that would be the longest definition in the world as it would consist of something from every single person in the world. But in basics it's every characteristic that makes a person up. All their little details, being the best you can possibly be and be the happiest you can be within yourself.

And if you are? Nobody can ask for anything more from you. 

So this is the point and time you need to look at yourself and stop picking out every single imperfection that you think of yourself and see all the things you should love about yourself. Nobody is the exact same as you, We are all different and that's the beauty in all this. No one person has the same traits or characteristics as the next one. We all have our own opinions and we should feel able to share and voice these. We should all feel able to dress the way we want to. Be friends with the people we want. Most importantly, be happy with who we are and proud of ourselves. Nobody else can make you happy in yourself other than you. You have to allow yourself. 

Okay my pretties I think that's my "lil" vent over with. I wanted to do this after I  did a photography shoot in a workshop with an eating disorder charity which was doing a shoot around taking images that encouraged young people to think and provoke them to realise that the media and society are putting these false perceptions out there. For me it was something extremely close to heart and really did alter the way I thought about myself as a person and I wanted to put some of it across to you.

I am going to leave you with one last thing now, if you are to do anything after reading this, please try and be happy with what you have, you're beautiful and you don't need to change a single thing.

Video on the matter:- https://youtu.be/aqBJ82-u4r4

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