Hey everybody! My name is Sian, I'm 18 years young & part-time writer & lover of every little thing associated with "Baking, Fashion & Life ". After falling in love with the world of blogging I have now done exactly the same with YouTube. I absolutely love filming videos and writing blog posts. I hope you all enjoy watching my videos as much as I love making and editing them as well as reading my posts,  Thank you for taking the time to watch me and read my posts :) It all began, in March 2014, after admiring and reading other Baking and Fashion Blogs to discover the latest trends going and all tips and tricks when it came to baking for many years , I woke up and decided to join in on the Blog community and put forward my ideas to the world. I knew straight away that I wanted to voice my opinion on new products and offer reviews, but also talk about new baking recipes and the things I have attempted to make. Before long, I decided that being a massive enthusiast of jewellery, I wanted to develop a business in this also and create a collection. Although at the time this seemed all a dream I have now received a grant from a local enterprise scheme, and soon enough I should have a website and a collection to show everybody more about me. Thank You to everyone who takes the time out to read and comment on my Blog. I never believed anybody would show such any interest in the things I have to say, I will continue to write posts until you no longer want to read them, and I hope I've inspired and helped many of you with my posts. 

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