Friday, 30 October 2015

Save on make up wishlist - My new love affair

So recently I've been doing lots of research into different brands that offer high quality make up but at affordable prices so people like me and you who have a massive interest are able to experiment and explore it a lot more. I know many of you are still in school or college and either don't have a job or just a part time one and many of you have come to me asking how you can get all these amazing products you see at a price you can afford. So I did some extensive research and long behold I found SAVE ON MAKE UP.

This is one of the best brands I have found on the blogger programme from what they are about to what they sell. Save on make up have all the brands we love oh so much from L'Oreal to Clinique. They buy in bulk getting fresh stock everyday in order to be able to sell all these amazing products we want at discounted prices and there isn't a catch!

I have teamed up with Save on make up where they have challenged me to produce a wish list of all the products on their site I would love to have and I tell you narrowing it down so I didn't have the whole website on my blog was not easy at all! (haha) but after spending a long time ooing and aahing and contemplating these are the 5 items on save on make up I would love to own!


First on my list is this beautiful lipstick by Bobbi Brown. Oh my gosh I am just so in love with the colour of this. As you all know I have the tendency to go for very glossy mosturising pink lipsticks and this certainly fits the bill! I have been looking for a new pink lipstick for a while now that offers full coverage but is also light weight and doesn't dry out my lips and at £15 I haven't ever wanted a lipstick more. I AM IN LOVE.


Okay so the next item I saw and of course fell in love with is this palette by W7. So many of you came to me asking for a natural nudes eye palette which you could also create smokey eyes from just like this what was affordable and of high quality and I really wanted to and finding one seemed impossible until I came across this!.Unlike other palettes this one has a good range of both matte and shimmery shades that can be used during the day and night. From the pictures on their websites they look really pigmented and so lovely just like the packaging. It has very similar shades to that of the naked 1 palette and also comes with a really good double ended applicator. And the best part? It's only £4.66


These days I much prefer where false eyelashes to mascara, there is something I just love about putting on a pair of false eyelashes and the way they open up your eyes. These ones by Eye candy are absolutely gorgeous and have a really good size band for when it comes to applying ( lash adhesive is included). Eye candy have a really good range of different lashes to suit all occasions whether you are looking for everyday natural ones or more adventurous glam ones. They are lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear and only £1.99!


This is something I have seen a lot of people rave about and feel like because I haven't tried it I am missing out! This is a overnight serum that works to keep skin looking young and fresh by reducing wrinkles and fine lines without clogging pores or leaving skin greasy or oily. It is suitable for all skin types and although it is a little pricey it is almost half the price on Save on makeup (£29 and RRP is £50) and will be sure to last you a long time. it is enriched with hyaluronic acid so you wake up with a visibly luminous and more radiant complexion. This product just fills me with excitement!


The final thing on my wishlist is this gorgeous blusher by Lancome. It is honestly the most beautiful shade of pink I have ever seen. It is said to have great staying power and has moisture balancing ingredients. I love the packaging it's slim and can easily be taken about with you and basically I just love it I can say no more. 

I just wanted to finish this post off by telling you what i think to Save on make up overall and it's website. I have to say I love it! The website is really easy to navigate and has all the different product areas down the left hand side really clearly plus a search bar so if you are looking for a certain item you can find it really easily and quickly.They also have a sort of bargain area so you can all your really good high quality products even cheaper which in itself is AMAZING! It allows you to buy a few more things than you might be able to if they were more expensive and have more of a play around with make-up. They also have a good variety of different fragrances on offer which is something all of us on here love. The tabs are really clearly labelled i.e "contact us" so you can find any information you need easily and without any hassle. Delivery prices are really good. Although I am yet to personally order anything from them I know of many people who have said its very quick and the customer service is excellent! Overall I am really excited to order something from them and I really do love this brand :)

** All opinions are my own**


So I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did be sure to let me know! I am going to hold a giveaway of all the items in my wishlist so if you want to know more about that and get involved make sure you are following my blog and subscribed to my YouTube for more details :)

I will see you in my next post lovelies xxx


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