Friday, 25 September 2015

Hello again!

What do I love to do? I love reading blogs. For me being submersed in reading somebody else's blog is something actually quite special whether it's the most simplest of posts such as OOTD or more detailed and serious conversational posts about matters surrounding us at the this current time . Like many bloggers I also love to watch videos especially those which document day to day life (I'm a complete sucker for this because it's like catching up as if you know these people and they are your friends) but sometimes just reading words is really nice, like times you are all cosied up in winter and you just want a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and to read a book or have a bath. Another thing that I love is just being able to look endlessly through other peoples images and photos. I have always had such a love for photography and the whole concept behind it, how there is so many things you can do and explore when it comes down to it. My first photography teacher ever,told me if you have the passion for it and you work hard it is even possible to make the most obscure and seemingly ugly of things (let's go with a cabbage) look beautiful. I  sit there scrolling through blog posts with the heart eye emoji glued to my face especially when it comes to the likes of blogs such as In The Frow and even smaller blogs I'm sure you probably haven't even heard of.

This past month and a half there has been a lack well actually no posts from me. This was for a lot of reasons but I'm not going to sit here typing you a list of what you would probably say were "lame" excuses. But I think one reason which did definitely play a role was a lack of confidence not only in myself but in my blog and the content. I felt a lot of what was going onto my blog didn't scream out enough about me and who I am as a person to you guys and a lot of my posts were repetition repeat posts nothing that made me think people are going to want to read this and that's something I want to change because it  suddenly dawned on me that maybe other people feel the same way as I do when it comes to blogs and they have that with mine but there wasn't anything there for people to become engrossed and submerged in. Having had my blog on and off for a year now, it’s been one of those things that I go through phases of absolutely loving and then just really not liking at all. Over this past month my "schedule" has become a lot busier especially with going back to college .Multi tasking for me isn't easy especially when it comes to social media platforms such as blogger which takes a lot of creativity and hard work. Over time I feel like my blog has just got a bit dusty and tired and needs a good up lift, fresh content and really show my passion for all things beauty, fashion and life.

i didn't want to put any work into redesigning my blog too much just at the moment because the way it looks now I am quite happy with. The simplicity complete with the vibrant flowers at the top is something very me and the blog is really easy for you guys to navigate around. However I have gone through old posts edited and removed those that made me face palm and think what I was doing and lined up lots of new content so I can start to share everything with you again from how i'm feeling, places I have been and all bits fashion and beauty. Going through my old posts was like opening my old diary and digging up forgotten memories which in a way was really nice. If you are someone who has been here from the very beginning then hello again, welcome back, both me and my blog hasve missed you very much so and if you are new I hope you enjoy sitting back cosing up with a beverage and experiencing the crazy life of me "Carlisa" 

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