Bucket List

Why hello there...So I have seen this on quite a few blogs and decided it was time to make my own. Every time I achieve one of my goals I will strike through it so you can watch me achieve my bucket list and hopefully inspire you to create your own. Okay lets gets on with it.

Bucket List
-Sit front row at London Fashion week
-Reach 1,000 views on my blog
-Meet all the YouTube Crew(Zoella,Tanya,Jim,Joe,Marcus,Alfie etc...)
-Become a successful Jewellery Maker/Designer
-Meet all of my blogger friends 
-Watch the sunset at the beach
-Start my own business
-Feature in Vogue (Optimistic c'mon) 
-Own a pair of Kurt Geigers (mission steal my sisters)
-Master the winged eyeliner perfectly
-Design my own wedding cake. (Find husband=Part 1)
-Meet The Saturdays
-Travel to at least 5 countries after college
-Ride on the back of a motorcycle.
-Be kissed unexpectedly (haha)
-Overcome my phobia of blood (could take a while)
-Live to see a cure for cancer
-Get rid of all the negativity in my life.
-Go skinny dipping.
-Witness a wedding proposal
 go to prom
-make my parents proud
-Get atleast 5 A*-C GCSE's
-Visit abbey road and recreate the Beatles cover.
That is it for now. It is pretty lengthy but ahwell.

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