Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Ever since I was little I have been completely obsessed with having curly hair and even at some points considered getting a perm (I later decided this would be an EXTREMELY bad idea and I'd be a waking,talking poodle if I did such a .

Anyhow over the past few months I have seen so many girls post on instagram images of themselves where their hair looked friggin incredible!! and all because they had used the Lee Stafford Chopstick Styler.  It gives you tight bouncy corkscrew curls which I know some of you may not be brave enough to give a go ( I was pretty scared to try it too eek) but when I looked into buying one- which proved a lot harder than I anticipated because they were sold out literally everywhere (that shows something though right?!) I eventually found it on Superdrug for £19.99- Bargain right?! I decided at that price and with warranty included there was no harm in me giving it a whirl so I purchased it last week.

The main reason though behind this purchase is I was genuinely intrigued, especially to see how well it actually worked! Granted my hair isn't all that naturally pin straight but it is also far from the crazy corkscrew curls it creates but my hair is really quite thin and styling it is never easy so I wanted to see if this in anyway could help with that.
This is my results! :)

My hair looked and felt amazing after using this! Honestly my hair felt like a big ol fluffy cloud. I must admit at first I wasn't happy with it but then I realised if you give your a big ol ruffle and rake your fingers through your hair it breaks the curls up and its fabby :)

I got so many compliments too and people asking how I got my hair to be like this as normally my hair is always straight or tied up so it was a change haha! I felt like I had gone back to the 80's and yes still looked a tad like a poodle but still i love it! It is really long lasting too I went to sleep and bare in mind I am a fidgety sleeper I woke up and it was just as good!

♥ Tips and Know Hows
♥ It takes a long time to do! You have to take really small sections of your hair for it to be able to work so make sure you have at least half hour set aside to do it
♥ Linking to this if you have long hair ( lucky for me i no longer do whoop!) I can imagine it will take a long while to wrap around
♥ The styler heats up really quick and I'm guessing to about 200 degrees so be careful as it gets v hot and I have burnt myself a couple times ( Maybe even wear a thermal glove)
♥ DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CURL YOUR FRINGE ( enough said ;)..)
♥ Always use a heat protector as it does get hot like I said!
♥ And remember to swish that hair

Speak to you in my next post lovelies!

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