Friday, 7 August 2015

Someday Summary- Friday

 I was completely and utterly overwhlemed with the response to my post "This so called perfect race of people". I had the biggest response I ever had on my blog and people are still responding now and so many of you were able to relate to it which made me so so so happy. Many of you shared your views on the topic and it was just lovely to read through everything you had to say, so remember you are all beautiful and I love every single one of you so much.
 The gorgeous Jess put a big ol smile on my face this morning:) (p.s. you should all check out her blog because it's just Ahmazing and she has more sass in one finger than I do in my whole body;) ()

 I made some fabby frozen strawberry yoghurt in the space of 10 mins and it tasted so delicious, I could eat another bowl of it right now..haha

 I've spent half of my day having a good clear out since the sun hasn't had the hat on despite it being into August (what is the deal with this?!) which meant I got to play good old pop music from the younger days and sing to it all out loud since nobody was home.
 And finally I know I have already said this today but I just want to say a a big massive thank you to everyone who follows my blog. Even if you don't follow my blog, but come by every now and then to check up on it. I'm probably as dull as watching paint dry so god knows why many of you enjoy reading my rambling nonsense but it makes me very happy you do.I don't really understand it to be honest but ahhhh.


Okay this is a quick post to just say THIS IS CRAZY, I logged onto my blog this morning to find I now have 141 of you lovely people following me, like what?! I started my blog to simply write about the things I love, as a hobby and to offer advice to those who want it. I honestly have no idea why all you amazing people want to follow me but just know I appreciate and love you all very much!!!

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Oh it's a mess up there

And my quote of today is...

Can we just take a minute to appreciate how pretty this edit of the quote looks..

I'm making this a quick one to why I love this quote because I think this quote speaks for itself's just simply wonderful and reflects the truth..if I got started making jewellery or editing photos/videos whatever, everything around me is scattered everywhere to what I've used, my idea sheets everything and it applies to everybody creative I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this quote simple as:)

A slightly late July Favourites..

These are a range of my most used/favourite products from July! (Be warned some of the things are very random;)..

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

I have always wanted to give this a go and try it, so when my much loved Clinque primer was all used up ( I even cut the bottle in half and scraped every last bit out) I contemplated investing in it but ended up choosing the more poopy Elf one which gave me red irritable patches:( but long behold my sister brought me this back from Duty Free and oh my gosh it is friggin incredible. Honestly this product is AWESOME!
It creates such a good flawless base and you can really feel it tighten your skin and see the glow, the only issue I found is to me it smelt slightly grannified if that's even a thing?;) or that bar soap you were forced to use as a kid in school (I hated that stuff!), but once you get past the smell this product is a real gem. It doesn't irritate my skin and it has been lasting absolutely ages. I've had it over a month now and I still have at least half of it left. Definitely a worthwhile investment :) 

Estee Lauder Lipstick- 301 Crystal Baby

This lipstick is  super pigmented and the most gorgeous of pinky nude shades. I am very impressed with it, definitely worth the money!.
I also LOVE the smell, it reminds me of forest fruit frubes haha.
I have been wearing this everyday constantly, it goes with everything and isn't drying out on the lips in any way it's extremely moisturising and has replaced my MAC Myth satin lipstick as my favourite. 
Also it lasts a decent amount of time.
It is simply fabby:)

Soap And Glory Thick And Fast Mascara 

I struggled so much finding this mascara because every time I went to buy it, it was out of stock and I didn't want to buy it online as a single item and have to pay delivery.
I'd heard everyone rave about it and of recent Velvetgh0st did on her channel, so I really wanted to give it a go.I did however, manage to find it in a store further away from me and obviously I bought it straight away.I actually really love the effect this mascara has on the eyes and the way it applies. The rave was certainly within reason. It is really high quality and doesn't have a cheap tacky smell to it and of yet *touch wood* not caused my lashes to clump.
Although, I must say it hasn't removed or replaced my love for the benefit roller lash or Maybelliene big eyes, it's just a good alternative for when I am in need.
But all praise Soap And Glory for this fabby mascara!

Yeo Valley Limited Edition Papaya And Lime Yoghurt

Yes, yes I have included a pot of yoghurt in my favourites..haha..but I have just loved this yoghurt and it's been one of my favourite things this month so it's only right I include it isn't? When I first saw this on the supermarket shelf I can't say it appealed to me because it just seemed such an odd flavour and i'm pretty sure the only reason I decided to buy it was because I loved the packaging (good enough reason right?;)). Anyway this yoghurt is actually so so good and tastes nothing like you'd expect it to! It isn't laugh your ears off tangy but it isn't sickly sweet either it's just the perfect balance. The best part is it is good for you and healthy and tastes amazing with a whole array of fruit especially raspberries and blueberries:) as the flavour isn't that strong or overpowering and it just makes me want to eat breakfast which I always try to avoid because I am not a breakfast person at all.
Yeo Valley you did good!

Orphan Black

 I had been contemplating watching this for months on Netflix after so many people were raving about it and telling me to watch it. When somebody first mentioned it to me I was honestly like oh my gosh that sounds really dark and gory (there is moments when I do squeal and have to run out the room;)) and just not my sort of program at all so I put off watching but I finally did it and watched an episode and it is honestly so so good! I'm not going to say too much so not to spoil it, but if you haven't watched it and your into programs such as PLL (pretty little liars) and Once Upon A Time definitely watch it and give it a chance as I am sure you will love it and get hooked after the first few episodes just like I did:)

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Sprakling eyes

Why hello there my lovelies, it's that time of the day again when I share a quote with you all (I say that and it's only my second time doing one of these posts;)..) and today it is one by Roald Dahl which I just can't get enough of. I grew up reading Roald Dahl and was forever enticed by the stories he wrote and the wonderful adventures he took us all on and this quote is one I remind myself of all the time and just like Roald Dahl it is simply magnificent.
As I recall this quote was the very last line wrote in his very last children's book "The Minpins" One of his less popular books it is but also was one of my favourites! The reason for my love of this quote you may ask? It's honestly like receiving a sprinkling of hope and belief over you when you read it ( oh boi me describing quotes is worse than me describing scents;))  It reminds you that the best opportunities arise when you least expect them to do so, therefore you must always go into every situation with a positive open mind because you never know what may come out of them and the situations you expect to be the worse may be when the greatest things come to light and that something amazing can come from every situation. Basically I just love it, love it, love it and hope you do too! :)

Glowing Review

Did somebody say review? I think they did. Candles are a necessity. If I could have them lit in every room of the house, at every hour of the day I would do. I would buy a candle every time I ventured outside of the house if possible. This feels like my first proper review in a long while (more to come I promise) and it is definitely my first along the homely sort of line but at 17 I can honestly say I am simply obsessed with homeware and anything in relation! I love every aspect of things such as interior design and constantly wish I could rearrange my bedroom a different way because I love doing so! Nobody understands my excitement for the day I am able to move out for the reason I can buy lots of homeware ( how sad..haha)

Onto the review itself I actually got this candle around Christmas time I think?;).. I know haha that was a long time back but it just looked so pretty and perfect. I had something inside me that wouldn't let me burn it and instead used it as an ornament and left the scent to diffuse naturally until it collected a thick cloud of dust on it from being kept on a shelf for months;) 

Let's begin by talking about the packaging. I absolutely love the packaging I am going to be honest.It’s pretty and girly and consists of a gorgeous swirly pattern but also the use of a more deep plummy purple in contrast to the white stops it from being too girly and doesn't look childish and out of place in a home. I really love the pattern detail on the label and it just makes for really sophisticated professional packaging. It's just so pretty!:) As odd as this may sound the packaging feels very suited to the scent, when I look at the packaging, I imagine it to be the scent that candle is, ( I know that sounds totally bonkers but think about it this way pretty pink packaging you would think fruity/floral scent straight away right?;))..I was also impressed with the size, the candle is of a generous size and I can see it lasting quite a while (I think it's supposed to burn for 40 hours which is AHMAZING).
This has to be one of my favourite candles in a long while. I adore the smell. Many have said it smells like like Earl Grey tea but don't don't be put off by that . I have never had Earl grey tea so I can't compare. It has a very sweet "candy" smell to it with floral and citric notes.I know that probably sounds a right mismatch of smells ( I'm terrible at describing scents I know;))..But honestly it smells incredible!

 I found as I burnt it the wick it isn't the fattest so trying to burn the full tin of it out isn't all that easy so make sure to keep it somewhere flat and then you should have no problems with it.

Honestly I have nothing more to say about this gorgeous candle,I would repurchase it but it could have been made a bit better maybe if the candle wasn't white as I love something vibrant but that isn't anything major. & I do find the smell lingers & leaves my room smelling beaut:).
Love love love this.

rrp: £7.00

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A quote a day..

Okay, okay I know this is my 3rd post today my pretties but I promise this is my last one today and it's a quick one! I have had a lil idea that I wanted to do something a bit different on my blog and that was to put a quote up everyday. I absolutely love quotes and sayings and go by a lot of them and thought a good way of sharing them with you is to put one up everyday on my blog that I have thought about that day or just simply wanted to share and hopefully they will work as a reminder to you if you are having a bad day and simply put a smile on your face:) This is something I really want to try and if you guys like it I will keep doing it because I want my content to make you happy and of course if you have any quotes that you love be sure to let me know and I will include them on one of the days!:)

So my first quote is going to be..

I thought I would sum this post up by saying the reason I love this quote so much. To me it is such a comforting powerful quote and just feels as I am getting a virtual hug from all of you and everybody else. It is one of the most relevant quotes I have ever come across and applies to endless situations. It's just that lil reminder to you and everybody else no matter how long it takes you will get there and you are stronger than you ever know. If you haven't heard it before or you ever tell yourself you "can't" do something, or you don't have anyone to say it to you and give you a hug and say you can, this post is dedicated to you. Every time you have told yourself you can't, you have, remember...

You got this xx

Everyday Make-up

Excuse how bad my eye brows currently are (haha)

♥ Maybelliene Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser
♥ Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
♥ L'Oreal True Match Foundation
♥ Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (under eyes)
♥ Seventeen Stay Time Concealer (Blemishes)
♥ Sleek Contour Kit in Light (used both for contour and highlight)
♥ Body Blush In Ginger

♥ Benefit Stay Don't Stray
♥ Too Faced Natural Eyes Push Up
♥ Warm Brown Shade from Limited Collection Palette in crease
♥ Naked Basics Venus (Highlight)
♥ Soap And Glory SuperCat Liner
♥ Maybelliene Big Eyes

♥Too Faced Lip Insurance
♥ Estee Lauder Crystal Lipstick

As Colourful As I Go OOTD

♥ Ripped Knee Jeans - Miss Selfridge
♥ Top - Primark
♥ Slinky Blouse Kimono - H&M
♥ Tassel Loafers - New Look

Monday, 3 August 2015

Instagram Diary #2

Penny Loafer Loving  Pink to make the boys wink;) Cute lil breakfast and the most amazing mango, mint & lime smoothie ♥ Milk bottle alert  Another Selfie..
 I live off fruit and yogurt  What are those eyebrows..eek Ginger no more  Bannana ice cream and honey, Yes please!  Love this quote ♥ Playsuits are cute  Drinks look 1000% better in mason jars  Pout ♥ Glimpse of summer  HEAVEN  Birthday card making skills on point

I guess I could share a beauty tip or 3..

From much experimentation and learning myself (which is still ongoing and will continue to do for years and years) I have already learnt some things about make-up. Personally I think there is a few key important things that everybody should know when it comes to make-up whether it's buying it or applying it. (that kinda rhymed or it did at least in my mind;)). If you have little experience or just starting out with make-up it can go completely WRONG. It still does go wrong for me!

My make-up isn't perfect at all, and I have spent the last year researching and practicing,  trying new techniques and products endlessly and I will continue to do so for years. So today I thought I would share a few tips on what I see to be essential when it comes to getting your make-up looking as flawless as it can be. Make-up is an endless creative outlet and learning is something that will never stop!

1.  Take the time to find your perfect match..

I know, I know, you are all going to be sat here like we know finding our perfect match is important, but I can't stress enough how important it is to find your match from foundation to blusher .It is honestly sooo easy to end up with a face like a tangerine or casper the ghost,even blusher that looks like you just came out of a circus tent after your latest clown performance, That doesn't mean there is only going to be one shade of blusher you can ever use or one concealer, you can still use a variety of different blusher shades but be aware that not all shades will suit you. It is a really good and easy idea to go to your local department store and just ask the lovely girls behind the counter and speak to them if you are new to make-up or want to learn more about what will suit you. The girls are there to help to you and they will be happy to do so, there has always been abit of a stereotype around them that they can be snobby or rude but the majority will help and be able to give you really good advice!

2.It's all about the blending baby

Another thing I can't stress enough is to BLEND BLEND BLEND. I know for a lot of you lovelies reading this will see this as common sense but the amount of times I have seen girls time after time with their make-up not blended and they look like a patch work quilt their grandma made. Your skin will become clogged, you will have that dreaded horrible jaw line that nobody wants and look like you just entered your local drag queen contest with all the harsh colours,that's a look none of us girls want. So if you take anything away from this post just remember to blend!:)
cool look? how about no:)
3. Brushes, an investment must!

This kind of links back to my previous point of blending to do a really good job of creating a flawless look. Brushes are key! I'll be honest when I first got into make-up and started learning more about it I did initially think brushes were a waste of time and money and I could easily do all my make-up using my trusty hands and fingers but boi was I wrong! . (Even Eyeshadow was applied by fingers at first..oh what was I thinking haha..) ..You know when you look back on old pictures and think oh god what was I wearing? Yeah I look back and think what was I thinking..brushes make such a difference!
HUGE HUGE HUGE difference (oh I am liking caplocks and repating words three times today;)). I never used to believe it but trust me they work:). They just make everything more even, precise and give your whole make-up overall a more professional flawless finish. 
You don't even have to spend a lot on them if you don't have all that much money. Make-up is very much like any other hobby take for example some people collect stamps if that's what they are into ( Good example Sian because everybody collects stamps;) lol)
but instead of collecting stamps if interested in make-up you collect palettes,blushers etc and all the brushes up over the years.

That is all for this post my pretties and I am also thinking of doing an updated Instagram diary today since many of you loved that post:) I hope you enjoyed it and if you would like to know more of my beauty tips be sure to let me know!

Sunday, 2 August 2015

They were how much?!

For what seems months I have been drooling over and wanting some tassel loafers. Yes the formally known as granny shoes have been very much in the past few months but everywhere I looked I either didn't like them, they didn't have my size or I wasn't up to paying the price. I saw some amazing ones in Office however the £65 price tag felt a lot for me to pay not because of the quality but I just didn't really want to pay that much for something I didn't actually really need not that I could afford them either.  Long behold however I found these beooutiful tassel loafers in New Look in a lovely pastelly pink colour and how much we're they you may ask?! This is the best part £2! Yes that is right £2! They were reduced in the sale from £20 to £2 I was so happy to then find out they had my size (this literally never happens) I was straight to the tills to buy them and oh my gosh they are honestly such comfy shoes and broke in within hours of having them on (yes I wore them on the same day I bought them) The colours means they are really versatile and I can wear them with absolutely everything from jeans to dresses and I am just so happy with them arghh:) I'm even considering going back and getting them in blue I love them that much;)

The picture on the left shows the Office ones and the picture on the right the ones I bought from New Look literally no difference between them at all, I am sure the Office ones are slightly better quality but at £2 I can't go wrong with the ones I have got and New Look shoes have always lasted for me