Monday, 3 August 2015

I guess I could share a beauty tip or 3..

From much experimentation and learning myself (which is still ongoing and will continue to do for years and years) I have already learnt some things about make-up. Personally I think there is a few key important things that everybody should know when it comes to make-up whether it's buying it or applying it. (that kinda rhymed or it did at least in my mind;)). If you have little experience or just starting out with make-up it can go completely WRONG. It still does go wrong for me!

My make-up isn't perfect at all, and I have spent the last year researching and practicing,  trying new techniques and products endlessly and I will continue to do so for years. So today I thought I would share a few tips on what I see to be essential when it comes to getting your make-up looking as flawless as it can be. Make-up is an endless creative outlet and learning is something that will never stop!

1.  Take the time to find your perfect match..

I know, I know, you are all going to be sat here like we know finding our perfect match is important, but I can't stress enough how important it is to find your match from foundation to blusher .It is honestly sooo easy to end up with a face like a tangerine or casper the ghost,even blusher that looks like you just came out of a circus tent after your latest clown performance, That doesn't mean there is only going to be one shade of blusher you can ever use or one concealer, you can still use a variety of different blusher shades but be aware that not all shades will suit you. It is a really good and easy idea to go to your local department store and just ask the lovely girls behind the counter and speak to them if you are new to make-up or want to learn more about what will suit you. The girls are there to help to you and they will be happy to do so, there has always been abit of a stereotype around them that they can be snobby or rude but the majority will help and be able to give you really good advice!

2.It's all about the blending baby

Another thing I can't stress enough is to BLEND BLEND BLEND. I know for a lot of you lovelies reading this will see this as common sense but the amount of times I have seen girls time after time with their make-up not blended and they look like a patch work quilt their grandma made. Your skin will become clogged, you will have that dreaded horrible jaw line that nobody wants and look like you just entered your local drag queen contest with all the harsh colours,that's a look none of us girls want. So if you take anything away from this post just remember to blend!:)
cool look? how about no:)
3. Brushes, an investment must!

This kind of links back to my previous point of blending to do a really good job of creating a flawless look. Brushes are key! I'll be honest when I first got into make-up and started learning more about it I did initially think brushes were a waste of time and money and I could easily do all my make-up using my trusty hands and fingers but boi was I wrong! . (Even Eyeshadow was applied by fingers at first..oh what was I thinking haha..) ..You know when you look back on old pictures and think oh god what was I wearing? Yeah I look back and think what was I thinking..brushes make such a difference!
HUGE HUGE HUGE difference (oh I am liking caplocks and repating words three times today;)). I never used to believe it but trust me they work:). They just make everything more even, precise and give your whole make-up overall a more professional flawless finish. 
You don't even have to spend a lot on them if you don't have all that much money. Make-up is very much like any other hobby take for example some people collect stamps if that's what they are into ( Good example Sian because everybody collects stamps;) lol)
but instead of collecting stamps if interested in make-up you collect palettes,blushers etc and all the brushes up over the years.

That is all for this post my pretties and I am also thinking of doing an updated Instagram diary today since many of you loved that post:) I hope you enjoyed it and if you would like to know more of my beauty tips be sure to let me know!

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