Sunday, 2 August 2015

They were how much?!

For what seems months I have been drooling over and wanting some tassel loafers. Yes the formally known as granny shoes have been very much in the past few months but everywhere I looked I either didn't like them, they didn't have my size or I wasn't up to paying the price. I saw some amazing ones in Office however the £65 price tag felt a lot for me to pay not because of the quality but I just didn't really want to pay that much for something I didn't actually really need not that I could afford them either.  Long behold however I found these beooutiful tassel loafers in New Look in a lovely pastelly pink colour and how much we're they you may ask?! This is the best part £2! Yes that is right £2! They were reduced in the sale from £20 to £2 I was so happy to then find out they had my size (this literally never happens) I was straight to the tills to buy them and oh my gosh they are honestly such comfy shoes and broke in within hours of having them on (yes I wore them on the same day I bought them) The colours means they are really versatile and I can wear them with absolutely everything from jeans to dresses and I am just so happy with them arghh:) I'm even considering going back and getting them in blue I love them that much;)

The picture on the left shows the Office ones and the picture on the right the ones I bought from New Look literally no difference between them at all, I am sure the Office ones are slightly better quality but at £2 I can't go wrong with the ones I have got and New Look shoes have always lasted for me

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