Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Glowing Review

Did somebody say review? I think they did. Candles are a necessity. If I could have them lit in every room of the house, at every hour of the day I would do. I would buy a candle every time I ventured outside of the house if possible. This feels like my first proper review in a long while (more to come I promise) and it is definitely my first along the homely sort of line but at 17 I can honestly say I am simply obsessed with homeware and anything in relation! I love every aspect of things such as interior design and constantly wish I could rearrange my bedroom a different way because I love doing so! Nobody understands my excitement for the day I am able to move out for the reason I can buy lots of homeware ( how sad..haha)

Onto the review itself I actually got this candle around Christmas time I think?;).. I know haha that was a long time back but it just looked so pretty and perfect. I had something inside me that wouldn't let me burn it and instead used it as an ornament and left the scent to diffuse naturally until it collected a thick cloud of dust on it from being kept on a shelf for months;) 

Let's begin by talking about the packaging. I absolutely love the packaging I am going to be honest.It’s pretty and girly and consists of a gorgeous swirly pattern but also the use of a more deep plummy purple in contrast to the white stops it from being too girly and doesn't look childish and out of place in a home. I really love the pattern detail on the label and it just makes for really sophisticated professional packaging. It's just so pretty!:) As odd as this may sound the packaging feels very suited to the scent, when I look at the packaging, I imagine it to be the scent that candle is, ( I know that sounds totally bonkers but think about it this way pretty pink packaging you would think fruity/floral scent straight away right?;))..I was also impressed with the size, the candle is of a generous size and I can see it lasting quite a while (I think it's supposed to burn for 40 hours which is AHMAZING).
This has to be one of my favourite candles in a long while. I adore the smell. Many have said it smells like like Earl Grey tea but don't don't be put off by that . I have never had Earl grey tea so I can't compare. It has a very sweet "candy" smell to it with floral and citric notes.I know that probably sounds a right mismatch of smells ( I'm terrible at describing scents I know;))..But honestly it smells incredible!

 I found as I burnt it the wick it isn't the fattest so trying to burn the full tin of it out isn't all that easy so make sure to keep it somewhere flat and then you should have no problems with it.

Honestly I have nothing more to say about this gorgeous candle,I would repurchase it but it could have been made a bit better maybe if the candle wasn't white as I love something vibrant but that isn't anything major. & I do find the smell lingers & leaves my room smelling beaut:).
Love love love this.

rrp: £7.00

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