Sunday, 15 May 2016

Instagram Diary #3 I think my fave so far

Hey everybody! So today I thought I would do just a simple post since it's such a lovely day and I'm sure you don't want your time taken up reading a long rambly post from me which requires you sitting down with a beverage..haha. This is also one you guys always love and that is an Instagram diary. If you are new to my blog first off Hi, Hello, How you doing? I hope you're doing good. An Instagram diary is basically where I take a selection of photos from my Instagram the past month and share them with you, This month has to be one of my favourites simply because it involves my Dublin adventures, good deeds and you start to see my Instagram transform into Summer which is the best time of the year except Autumn. Which Season is your favourite? Anyway without further a do here we go..


♥ Throwing it back to my photogrpahy days  Lovely meal in the sunshine with Ebony  Me smiling how rare ♥ First of many summer posts  One of my favourite cheer competitions I've been part of we came first!  Summer skies are upon us  No makeup days are okay  ♥ Creepy faceswap selfie with the best friend I could ever ever ask for  Remember this! Nothing wrong in a bit of body confidence ♥ How Inspiring  I paid for someone else's McDonalds this day so was in a super good mood kindness is free so throw it around like confetti  Its hard to look attractive looking out the gravity bar with Guinness which FYI is totally gross ♥ THIS PLACE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL AND ALSO ONE OF THE BEST NIGHTS IN DUBLIN   Jeff and Agshins (pronounced action) the pizza chefs, we were challenged on a scavenger hunt and one task was to go take a selfie with a random citizen and find out their career obviously we went for someone who makes pizza and this was actually so fun to do!  I'm 18!! Best weekend ever thank you so much to my sister for surprising me and turning up at the door

What have been your favourite moments this month? Let me know :) See you next time lovelies and I hope you have a fabulous Sunday

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