Saturday, 27 June 2015

Gimme some berry: FOTD

The sun may be starting to make its appearance more regularly as of recent (happy days!) but I am however having withdrawal symptoms when it comes to winter make-up. As much as I love a good pinky nude shade I am seriously missing getting to wear warm berry shades. So I decided since it was a slightly rainy summery day to bring a warm berry shade back into play and pair it with a more summery gold eye make-up and winged eyeliner.And with my hair curled to the side I am just so happy with this look and praying on Autumn to return soon;)

♥ Loreal True Match Super Blendable Foundation
♥ Rimmel wake me up concealer under eyes
♥ Collection concealer ( blemishes)
♥ Maybelliene Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser
♥ Sleek Bronzing Powder (Contour Kit)
♥ MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter
♥ Sleek Blush Rose Gold
♥ Clinique Superprimer Colour Corrects
♥ Rimmel Stay Matte Transparent Powder


♥Too Faced Lip Insurance
♥ Topshop Beguilded

♥ Naked Basics Venus ( Under Brows Highlighter)
♥ Naked Basics Faint in crease
♥ Gold Shade from big palette by I think Seventeen on eyelid
♥ Soap and Glory Super cat eyeliner 
♥ MUA Lash Boom Volume

Friday, 19 June 2015

A lil bit of Aria from PLL: HOTD

Anybody who knows me, knows how much I love PLL (pretty little liars! although I shouldn't have to say;)). When I say love I basically mean obsessed. If there is a new episode I will watch that episode on repeat until the next episode is on and I mean repeat. I will have seen that episode at least 9 times before the next episode has come on. It does everybody's head in because by then anybody who has had to witness this knows all the words as much as me and has had to suffer and moan (semi-damaging their voice;)) at how much I watch it.

Recently I have picked up on a super cute and easy hairstyle that Aria (Lucy Hale) has worn numerous times. It's just a simple lowish ponytail but keeping the fringe out and having a middle parting. It's that easy! I absolutely love this hairstyle and it's really easy to do if you are rushing out the house because it literally takes two seconds! I have never been a fan of hair bobbles so when doing this I tie my hair up with a clear elastic. Another idea is you could wrap part of your hair around the ponytail to conceal any tie.. I bet that would look super cute:)

Ever one to dislike super flat hair I still add a bit of texture to this style by grabbing my backcomb and just slightly teasing parts of my hair and at the roots of my fringe. On some occassions (outfit dependent) I like to add a cute lil bow to the ponytail and when I have the effort and time beachy waves.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Something a lil different- Instagram Diary

Flower obsessing!  Nandos (cheeky eh;)) p.s. first time in a year I have been able to bring myself to have one!  Dressing gown loving ♥ Breakfastt  5 years change..haha..
 Health kick  If only my make-up looked this good everyday ♥ Perfect end to a long day  Frozen + Pizza in one thing = No words  Throwing it back to prom (I loved my dress!) Heaven in a nutshell Sun makes me happy//curly hair  Pink flowers to brighten my mood  The best cake ever!! ♥ Smile  Room with a view

Lucious Lemon Bars

There is nothing I love to do more on a day where boredom levels are at an all time high and I have made my way through every TV series on Netflix than do a spot of baking!
I haven't got a major sweet tooth and can sometimes find the everyday normal cupcake a tad boring and just not that challenging to make because I have made them that many times.       
(Don't get me though wrong I do love cupcakes)

Since you all seemed to enjoy my last recipe so much (It's one of my most popular posts), I decided it was time to do another! I have never done this recipe before and it was adapted from the post by the lovely "Joy The Baker" but they didn't seem too complicated to make and was still a definite classic!
Last Sunday after watching the new PLL episode for like the 4th time!! (crazy i know) I ended up baking Lemon Bars and they were so so delicious, tangyyy and just all round heavanly, I knew straight away I had to show you pretties how I made them. 


For the base:

2 cups plain flour
12 cup icing sugar
1 cup butter
For the topping:
4 large beaten eggs
2 cups caster sugar
13 cup lemon juice
14 cup plain flour
12 teaspoon baking powder
12 teaspoon lemon zest (optional but recommended!)

Start by switching your oven on to 180 degrees celsius and lining a 13x9x2 inch tin ( approx..I am sure mine wasn't). Next, mix together your butter, sugar and flour with your hands until the mixture clings together and forms a sort of dough ( It should be short textured as it is a bit like shortbread). Now press the mixture into the tin and bake in the oven for 20-25 mins.. It should be lightly browned on the top.

To make the topping for these lemon bars you will need to first off beat the eggs with the sugar and the lemon juice. Then just simply sift in the dry ingredients (flour and baking powder) and mix until everything is combined. OH.. add the lemon zest at this point if using..nearly forgot that hahah... Now for the part where it all starts to come together - pour the mixture over the base straight out the oven. Some people say to do it when the base is cooled but DON'T , otherwise much of the tooping will sink into the base and it will just be a soggy mess ( I'm sure it would taste just as good though;)). Now pop them back in the oven for 25 minutes ish (it depends on how fast your oven cooks your bars, they took 20 in mine!)

Once your lemon bars are completely cool you can sprinkle your lemon bars with icing sugar and cut them into little bars of whatever size. I got my dad to do this part and he cut them ( Mr Kipling size;)) If you live in the UK you will get that!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Review: Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation

I heard quite a hype around this foundation and after I tried out the BB alternative  I decided at some point I would have to buy the foundation . I had run out of my well used trusty Rimmel Match Perfection and long behold my mum came home having bought me the foundation.


First off this is by far the better of foundations by Bourjois. There is a wide range of different shades available which being honest made it quite frankly difficult to decide on the right one because there was little differentiation between them. Something I did pick up on however is every time I have seen this foundation about there has never been darker shades for people sort of past I would say olive skin tone. Literally NONE. This seems something that happens a lot with Bourjois though because other foundations they make also don't have darker shades. 

The packaging is..average not the worse but not amazing. It's in a glass bottle which for travelling isn't all that great. However the foundation does have a pump which makes dispensing the product so much easier and less messy!  It's got the main ingredients listed and makes clear the products intentions/benefits. One thing I did notice however is the coverage wasn't mentioned. 

The foundation has a slight floral scent to it...this doesn't bother me too much but to people who prefer a foundation without a scent it might be.
From using the product myself numerous times I think the foundation gives (i'm guessing as I said they haven't stated) a medium to buildable coverage. It is quite a thin, runny consistency, however not watery and it is thicker than that of their Healthy Mix foundation.  I would say using your fingers to blend it isn't the best of ideas but instead using a brush which is a lot denser because at times it can be difficult to blend and it also sets quite fast so you have to work quite quickly.

Regarding the pigments, I can't comment on the green as I don't really suffer from any redness bud I did feelas if it hid dark circles well without the use of any concealer and my skin definitely did looked brighter and healthy overall.Another "claim" Bourjois make is that the foundation offers 24hr hydration, Yes it is hydrating foundation I agree with that and did not feel as if it dried my skin out but for no more than a measly two hours if that, nowhere near a day!

The finish I love. I am normally a sucker for a dewy finish foundation but this foundation gives I wouldn't say too matte but quite a powdered finish and doesn't look cake or unnatural in any way.It doesn't always work how you want it to though and at times can leave you looking patchy and with orange streaks.

Overall, I am a bit on the fence with this foundation and not sure if I would try it again, but it isn't the worse foundation I have tried!
What are your opinions on Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation?

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

This so called "perfect race of people"..

Nobody's perfect. I am pretty sure everybody has heard that phrase been thrown about before but it is incredibly true. However everybody in their own way are perfect. Okay that sounds contradicting to my first point and you probably sat with a confused brain by what I just said.

The other day I was looking through what many people call a "trash mag" and every single celebrity in there was photo-shopped to complete perfection, not a single blemish was to be seen on their face and everything about them from their figure to their skin was what many young girls now perceive to be "perfect" and "goals". I know this as I have been one to fall into this trap. I myself have idolised these false images that have been put forward to us as young women.  

In the past month I have seen page spreads after page spreads in these magazines titled " celebrities without make-up" and every time I see one I get so annoyed.  These magazines aren't embracing this but instead they are somewhat "insulting" these celebrities and saying horrible nasty comments about their appearances and it's disgusting to the point I can't even read them anymore. It is shameful. But it's also sadly the truth these days. These people are no different to us, they are just ordinary people who have accomplished great things to be proud of us but they have the same feelings we do. People have this constant need inside them for some reason to judge other people on their appearances and I put it out there it isn't always negative there is a lot of positives but I don't see why anybody would feel the need to say anything negative and I will tell you now there could be 100 positive things said and 1 negative but that 1 negative will be the one to stick in that persons mind I promise. 

Magazines will say things such as " She must wear make-up due to the amount of plastic surgery she has had...etc" and many young girls will see these page spreads also and think I look like that without make-up which means I need to wear make-up and I can't go out of the house without it on or I get under eye circles or a blemish and if I haven't got make-up such as concealer on covering it up I mustn't leave the house because I will look like that and people will think things of me similar to that. Young girls should not be made to think that way and have the media put such a negative image forward that as people we aren't good enough. For someone to think they aren't good enough is the worst thing I could ever imagine, I would despise for anybody to think they aren't.  At the end of the day we are all human. There isn't anything wrong with having a blemish or a spot or slightly puffy under eyes. It's all part of who we are as people and it's what makes us up. None of these things define us as people they are just part of who we are.  

These comments get to young people especially girls all the time and causes so many issues and some of which are serious. It's horrible to think about. Girls should be given the message that we are all beautiful in our own way and our skin and our appearance doesn't define who we are as a person. Girls shouldn't feel like they have to wear make-up all the time, they should be able to wake up in the morning and feel comfortable in their own skin. They should feel able to decide that they want to go out wearing no make-up without worrying what people might think or say. Make-up shouldn't be encouraged for girls to use because it's essential for them to cover up a blemish because it's not, the only way girls should ever be encouraged to wear make-up is for them to use it as a creative outlet, something to experiment with not to cover up something on their skin which makes up part of them.  

These comments should never change what people think about themselves and make them feel as if they have to change or act a different way, dress a different way anything along them lines.  There is always things people don't like about themselves but they are part of who we are and people should be embracing these imperfections. The things we don't like about ourselves, are the things that other people love about you.  It's normal to have things we don't like about ourselves and to have a spot because we are human but we shouldn't be shamed and told we shouldn't leave the house because of these things.

Nobody and I mean nobody is born with the perfect hair and the teeniest tiniest skinny body and flawless skin that the media and society in general puts out there endlessly and nobody should feel as if they have to achieve that. It's impossible for any girl to be like the barbie doll they played with every day when they were little. From such a young age these "idolisations" are being put in front of us and these false perceptions and they are highly damaging. In all this whirlwhind a large percentage lose more than self-confidence but they no longer love anything about themselves or even like anything, they look in the mirror and despise everything they see. 

Society and media have taken over.
Destroyed many of us as people.

Every single day I see or speak to at least one person who isn't happy with themselves or don't feel good enough and feel the need to cover up. Coming from somebody who themselves have extremely low confidence and are constantly trying to change and improve themselves whether that's dying my hair or changing the way I dress  is rich but I really do think we need to all embrace ourselves and be proud of who we are as people. 

If we were to strip away from all these "idolisations" and get to know people for who they are rather than defining them as people for having a spot or a blemish or curves, even as a boy who doesn't have that so called "athletic" body. Even factors such as the people they choose to be friends with. Rather than judging people on their looks instead getting to know them as a person and their personality, that's when we get to know people for 
who they are and see what makes them perfect.

Nobody can love or even like somebody solely based on their appearance  and if a girl just how beautiful they look with all their hair and make-up done, it comes down to something much deeper than that. Every little thing that makes up that person, even the things they don't like about themselves, their traits and interests, you fall in love with everything not just their appearance.  The way they smile when they are happy and doing something they love or the way their face lights up and they laugh when they are with you. 

There isn't any set definition for perfect because that would be the longest definition in the world as it would consist of something from every single person in the world. But in basics it's every characteristic that makes a person up. All their little details, being the best you can possibly be and be the happiest you can be within yourself.

And if you are? Nobody can ask for anything more from you. 

So this is the point and time you need to look at yourself and stop picking out every single imperfection that you think of yourself and see all the things you should love about yourself. Nobody is the exact same as you, We are all different and that's the beauty in all this. No one person has the same traits or characteristics as the next one. We all have our own opinions and we should feel able to share and voice these. We should all feel able to dress the way we want to. Be friends with the people we want. Most importantly, be happy with who we are and proud of ourselves. Nobody else can make you happy in yourself other than you. You have to allow yourself. 

Okay my pretties I think that's my "lil" vent over with. I wanted to do this after I  did a photography shoot in a workshop with an eating disorder charity which was doing a shoot around taking images that encouraged young people to think and provoke them to realise that the media and society are putting these false perceptions out there. For me it was something extremely close to heart and really did alter the way I thought about myself as a person and I wanted to put some of it across to you.

I am going to leave you with one last thing now, if you are to do anything after reading this, please try and be happy with what you have, you're beautiful and you don't need to change a single thing.

Video on the matter:-

Saturday, 13 June 2015

OOTD & FOTD - Sunshine is finally upon us

For the first time in what seems forever there was sunshine in Britain which meant I didn't have to layer up in winter clothes like a crazy woman. The other day I bought a new playsuit of Boohoo ( I mentioned it in my "someday summary) and it has finally come and I love it!!! 

♥ Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation
♥ Rimmel wake me up concealer under eyes
♥ Collection concealer ( blemishes)
♥ Maybelliene Colour Sensational Neon red (916)
♥ Bourjois Bronzing Powder
♥ ELF contour Kit ( Highlighter)
♥ Body Shop Ginger Blush

♥ Ruby and Millie Snow White under brows
♥ A coppery gold shade ( I’m not sure of the brand its rubbed off)
♥ Naked Urban Decay Buck in crease
♥ MUA brown eyeliner pencil
♥ Soap and Glory thick and fast mascara

♥ Playsuit and gold belt- Boohoo- £8
♥ Tights -Primark super cosy- £2.50
♥ Black booties – Topshop- £46
♥ Bracelet  - Primark- £2

It's a big hair kinda day...

In order for me to get this big voluminous style, I simply after applying dry shampoo to the roots backcombed and sprayed the roots ( with hairspray) der Sian.. on the crown and sides of my head then very gently so not to ruin the volume combed over the big messy craziness (to stop it being t0o crazy and ott)

I softened the look very slightly by turning a few of my layers more into my face using my straighteners but my hairs always had a mind of its own so it made lil difference 

I just love having some volume to my hair, I have never never liked people who have pin straight flat hair it drives me mad and I want to go up to them and just ruffle it!

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Someday Summary

♥ I ordered a gorgeous new playsuit from Boohoo that was only £8!!! and a pink tripod yes PINK I can't wait for them to come:)
♥ After much thought I decided college just wasn't for me, so instead I plan to go back into musical theatre next year which I am SO SO excited about 
♥ I have been in contact with the most lovely woman about photographing some events which is my second love after theatre
♥  I spent the whole of yesterday snuggled up in bed watching Disney movies, eating pizza and Ben and Jerry's 
♥  Things are being rekindled with people I lost contact with 
♥  My parents came home with flowers for me to put in my room (anybody who knows me knows I just love flowers and think a house without them is a sad house;))
♥ I persuaded myself to have strawberries and chocolate for the first time in ages which isn't much for anybody but for me it is
♥ I have had a positive hair and make-up day and fallen in love with the benefit roller lash mascara 
♥ and not to forget today has been SUNNY YES SUNNY

Thursday, 4 June 2015

A bit of ombre instead of sombre?!

For the past few months I have been somewhat unhappy with the colour of my hair, well not unhappy but I just haven't been loving it all that much and I am really fancying a change. 

Back in February I decided I wanted to lighten my hair and inject some blonde into it and with the advice of my trusty hairdresser we decided on what he called "sombre" it's basically ombre however the different tones are run throughout the whole of your hair rather than just then ends...I have always been quite experimental when it comes to hair, from cutting it into different lengths and styles and various different highlights.

At the moment I am fairly happy with the length of it (although I do want to keep growing it) however I do think it may benefit from a few more choppy layers to add a bit more texture and volume and the ends trimmed to get rid of any split ends so my hair grows at the best possible it rate it can.

The issue however? The colour, I just do not like it anymore

From day 1 I have never been one to take a risk when it comes to dying my whole hair and played it safe every time and gone slightly lighter than my natural shade ( a coppery gingery blonde;)) natural hair colour being honest...I dislike with a passion... a lot of people compliment me on it and say it's got gold tones through it that remind them of tinsel (not sure if that's a good thing) but I just find it so dull and boring...
Currently I really really want my hair similar to the images above of Kylie possibly with a lighter brown on top though... I just absolutely love it and it's something I have always wanted to do with my hair but never had the courage to do..

I know a lot of people say that you should go darker in the autumn/winter and lighter in the spring/summer but when you have a complexion as ghostly pale as mine if I went too dark I would look like a zombie...having highlights is something I love having done because I always feel as a person I look a lot healthier and it adds a lot of warmth to my face I feel...

I think having my hair darkened into a more brunette colour is the only big deal so to say out of this because my hair has had experience with blondeness and I know I love having blonde in my hair.

Where does that leave me? well yeah..I am thinking of making hair appointment for as soon as possible and taking the dive to do it

If anybody has any advice on what I should do I would love to know:)

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Ooops, I had a lil splurge

Over the last month a lot has happened lots of positives (worth a celebration) and some negatives (treat one self for surviving) and in addition to this I got payed not long ago putting that with my birthday money which I had left I decided to do a lil shopping and treat myself to some new clothes and make-up. In this post I am just going to show you the clothes but if you would like to say what make-up I picked up leave a comment below:) 

 I never really wanted to buy much just some new pieces to refresh my wardrobe collection especially with the time of year changing and the weather getting warmer and...really I don't think I bought that much at all and did lil damage to my bank account;)

First place I went was Urban Outfitters, from there I got these two tops...

The first top I got from Urban Outfitters is this washed stripe tee. Its more of a skinny fitted tee so I got it in a small rather than extra extra small to allow it to be a bit more baggy and thought it would look really cute tucked into some high waisted denim shorts ( especially white!) and a tan belt in the shorts. The top has a really nice retro vibe to it and is something I would never go for but I have safely fallen in love with it despite it being a far cry away from my beloved dresses and peter pan collars. The top was £18 or at the time (I'm not sure if it still is) was on a offer with various of cute tops of similar styles which made it really hard to choose one and I nearly got two! where you got 20% if you bought two which is AMAZING. I mean that's about £30 for two really good quality tops that work with moreless everything and are really easy to throw on.

The second top I got from Urban Outfitters is this absolutely gorgeous heart print top with a high I think they call funnel neck?;) top. I just love this so much. At first I was a lil wary about the top because as much as I loved it when I saw the back I was lil taken back and was like woah there is no way I can pull this off at all and had this image in my head that if the button in the middle of it came off whilst I was out everything would be on show and there would be no escape route...nonetheless I took a punt and bought it anyway and thought I would see what it looked like on and give it a chance because I loved the print and neck on the top that much. And?... It was fine! It actually looked really nice and minus a bra and instead using the trusty tape this top looks so lovely, it can be worn down or dressed up as well. During the day it can easily be put on with a high waisted pair of black skinny jeans and lil booties and then at night with some light denim high waisted jeans and tan heels would look really good especially on a date night with a lil red clutch! And down from £35 to £18 it was a total steal.

After Urban outfitters I went to Primark *sigh not a good idea* I always end up spending wayyy more than I should but this time I managed to buy little as the store where I live was being refurbished so there was less there than normal *thank goodness* so little damage was done.. although this isn't what I only purchased I didn't think you would be interested in some tights, underwear and frozen joggers although I frickin love my frozen joggers so much

My main and favourite purchase from Primark was this gorgeous jumpsuit (yes it lacks in colour but its got a print right?;)) It was definitely a brave purchase on my front, but the fact it's black and white does make it a lil less daring I guess but it's something I would never go for generally, it buttons up at the front and has a pull around the middle that brings it in at the waist and lil elastcated bits on the bottom by the ankles, I haven't worn a jump suit for as long as I can remember but they are something that have always suited me and I remember a phase where I wore them all the time and it's a phase I kinda want to get back into if that's  possible...;) Like previous purchases on this post I think its something that can be easily dressed up or down, put with a leather jacket and either some nice ankle boots or bright heels and yeah it's a jumpsuit I want to make work and at £13 its worth a try!.

Shying away from shopping in the open, I took to Boohoo and spent hours trawling through their clearance and found some very me purchases...

The first two things I purchased from boohoo were these two dresses, both on sale at the AMAZING price of £5!! Dresses are something I wear all the time even through winter I throw on some thick black tights and ankle booties with them and anything with flower prints I am automatically grabbed too, the dress on the left is a sort of knitted material so it's a good dress to wear at this sort of time of the year where it's still not v warm outside and the print is really vivid and I basically just love it:)  The second dress is sort of split the top half of the dress is attached at the sleeves which makes it appear as if it is a t-shirt over a skirt and is made from a really lovely soft floaty material and goes really well with a leather or denim jacket. I love both of these dresses and know they are something which I will get a lot of wear out of.

 I must have been really brave when I purchased all these because these treggings are something I have seen a lot of places and always wanted to try rock but never had the guts to buy too now.I really love the print on these and the white turn up on the bottom is a really cute touch. Paired with a really simple block colour top and sandals I think they will look really nice on and they are made out of a really stretchy material and yeah I just love them and hope I am able to pull them off! I think they were down from £20 to £10 as I remember

I hope you are all having a good week!:)

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Instagram Lovin

This is just a v v quick short post to say...

Follow me on Instagram my pretties! ( Only if you would like too i'm not that interesting at all;))

I haven't had it for long at all well not this account ( I had to delete my other one)  and so i don't have many pictures to post or many people to spend hours scrolling through their photos (sad I know)
Soo, if you are feeling lovely please go follow me by simply clicking

Thankyou my lil beauties!

Childhood Reminiscing

Okay so this post is a lil different to what I would normally do but its something I really wanted to share with you all:) 

As  I am sure many of you are aware unless you live in a hole S Club 7 got back together for Children in Need last November and then decided to go on a tour titled " Bring it all back".  Now when this was announced I literally screamed with excitement for a whole 5 mins and danced round the room like a total looney. I have always been a massive fan of S Club 7 as having an older sister who idolised them as a kid I grew up listening to them and fell in love too.  

I was straight on the phone to my sister telling her buying tickets were a must! We had already seen them when we was younger not that I saw much or remember much for that matter but we will get to that part later;) and giddly rambling to her at how good this all this was even if their vocals weren't as good, this was bigger than when Mcfly joined Busted and that's saying something! 

So we booked our tickets and hotels to see them in Manchester this May and the months of counting down turned to days and then on Friday 8th May I finally got to see them and this time I didn't fall asleep! Last time we went I was about 4 and somehow I managed to sleep through most of the concert not a clue how but i did;).

Now my exceptions weren't that high it was just a good night which included my favourite food after mash potato pizza and childhood reminiscing but OMG it was so much better than I thought! It was an amazing night and S Club really did a good performance and everybody was up on their feet and singing and dancing all the way through, everyone still knew the words to all the songs and had so much fun. To finish this post I decided to share a few photos with you:) 

What's in my bag?

Happy Tuesday my pretties! Okay so it is only two days into the week and everyone would much rather it be the weekend but the sun is out today after yesterdays miserable weather which would dampen anybody's mood and make them want to snuggle up with a hot chocolate and watch a movie. I thought for today's post I would do a "What's in my bag?" post and want you all to get involved too.

What do you have to do you may ask? well its easy peasy lemon squeezy;)

 You all need to post a picture of your handbag, backpack, clutch (whatever bag you are carrying). Not your favourite bag which you guard with your life or an old favourite pulled from the back of your closest, anything amazingly wow, whichever bag you have gone out with today, I am a complete sucker for bags and I love to see all the different ones people have!

♥ The first thing you need to do is say how much the bag cost (if you can remember that is;)) I know I know discussing money and price is something you should never do as a woman but in this case I think its okay to break the rules a lil. Nobody is going to judge you whether it was £3 or £500. it doesn't matter. This is just something for everybody who is interested enjoyment. If there is a story to go with it, I would love to know that too! You can say anything you would like about the bag.

This is the bag that I have been using currently ( yes it's bright and yes it's pink)  , It's nothing special and its not to everyone's taste but I absolutely love it! ,it was £20 as I recall and I bought it from Pink Cadillac a lil boutique shop near where I live but I think you can buy Mi Pacs anywhere. I love this bag at the moment in comparison to a shoulder bag or one you carry on your arm as it is much easier to carry and more comfortable and can fit a lot in it!

This is what I have inside my bag...

sorry for the crappola photos I lost the memory card for my camera so had to use my phone:(
♥ My headphones
♥ USB phone charger 
♥ Pantene body and volume hairspray
♥ Keys (ridiculous amount of keyrings I know haha)
♥ Tinkerbell stamp ring - This came from a kinder surprise egg that my boyfriend bought me to cheer me up because it was Disney and princess related and I love nothing more
♥ My 14/15 diary/planner
♥  Hair grip
♥ A bottle of strawberry water by Volvic quite possibly my favourite drink
♥ A backcomb 
♥ A pink pen
♥ My paying in book.. oh how exciting;)
♥ Glamour mag...doesn't Taylor look gorgeous!
♥my college ID card
♥ Appointment card.. more blood tests sigh:(
♥ My purse :)
♥ A masshosive pile of receipts/ bus tickets and train tickets including some from last year ( I really need to clean my bag out more often jeez) 
♥ Clarins hand and nail treatment...OMG A GIFT FROM THE GODS
♥ Impulse- Very Pink
♥ Rimmel wake me up concealer
♥ Witch blemish stick
♥ TopShop lip bullet in the shade Heartbeat 
♥ Bourjois Fan-Tastic Volume Mascara 
♥ Pink bobble
♥ Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipstick
♥ Avon Incandessence Eau de Parfum Spray

That's everything inside my bag! Sorry that its not interesting or exciting..
I would love to see what is inside your bags, i'm sure its more exciting than whats in mine! 

Monday, 1 June 2015

Carlisa are you there?

Why hollowawoahha. It has been a long time since I have curled up and wrote a blog post for you my pretties. It's been a month or two??:o 

So what have I been doing in my uneventful, unexciting life these past two months may you ask?

Well quite a lot has happened actually, so to make it easier for you all i'll break it down into lil points;)
  • I have been ill. Not with a horribly coldy flu. Something a lot more serious and concerning my mental health, which has caused a lot of issues and prevented me doing a lot.
  • I have had a lot more college work. College + End of year = lots of work to cram in and finish and when I wasn't doing mountains of college work I was spending time with my boyfriend,  snuggled up under my duvet with a hot choccie watching Netflix covered in goosies at this somewhat horrible weather for what is supposed to be now spring/summer:(
  • I have been travelling a fair few times further up North ( Whitby/Scarborough/York) with my parents at the possibility of moving there this summer, which would mean I wouldn't able to finish college here but its something exciting and change can be good:) 
  • My laptop charger broke... ( containing all my blog photos/ editing software and ideas)
  • Then when I went to use another laptop whilst I waited for a charger, the internet browser didn't work and every time I used it the internet browser would crash every 10 minutes making doing any work/ writing blog posts and just general use impossible
There it is. My list of 5 what we will call "excuses" to why I haven't been blogging the past two months. I am aware watching Netflix is not a good excuse but fear not I would have much rather been blogging, My laptop now has a brand new dazzling charger that works and I can access all the software I need to in order to edit my photos and use the internet without it breaking on me every 10 minutes, and also, i have more less no work left to do which allowed me to curl up in bed and write this blog post today and explain where I have been, whats gone on and what I have been up too. Its a life update that covers two months one could say. 

There is lots of blog posts on there way my lovelies promise,
So keep them eyes peeled.

Current Lipstick Favourite

I go through lipsticks more than I do socks in a week. I am always wearing different colours/shades and trying new ones as soon as they come out. Look in the bottom of my bag and you would find at least 7 i'm positive.

The other day I decided I wanted to go and buy myself a new lipstick and in the end after much deliberation I decided to try a "TopShop Lip Bullet" in the shade Heartbeat. Topshop make-up was a brand I used to use a lot when I first began to wear make-up when it came to lipstick, a few years back as it was recommend by quite a few people but over time I forgot about it and all my old favourites such as Brighton Rock had been pushed to the back of my drawer. But now my love for TopShop lipstick is very much back after trying this lip bullet. I have been wearing this consistently ever since I bought it which is unusual for me because I tend to wear a different lipstick everyday.

Price- £8

Reasons to love this lipstick

♥ It's really easy to apply and doesn't smudge easily
♥ It has a high pigmentation which is easily bulidable and has amazing staying power
♥ The colour is just beautiful ( With a touch a coral it is a very red apple shade) and perfect for this time of year (coming into spring) and will suit most skin tones
♥ Even when it has worn off it still leaves, a gorgeous slight red stain on your lips

♥ It can be worn during the day to brighten up any outfit but is also great to wear on a date night or any other occassion.
♥ Very nourishing and soft on the lips