Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Ooops, I had a lil splurge

Over the last month a lot has happened lots of positives (worth a celebration) and some negatives (treat one self for surviving) and in addition to this I got payed not long ago putting that with my birthday money which I had left I decided to do a lil shopping and treat myself to some new clothes and make-up. In this post I am just going to show you the clothes but if you would like to say what make-up I picked up leave a comment below:) 

 I never really wanted to buy much just some new pieces to refresh my wardrobe collection especially with the time of year changing and the weather getting warmer and...really I don't think I bought that much at all and did lil damage to my bank account;)

First place I went was Urban Outfitters, from there I got these two tops...

The first top I got from Urban Outfitters is this washed stripe tee. Its more of a skinny fitted tee so I got it in a small rather than extra extra small to allow it to be a bit more baggy and thought it would look really cute tucked into some high waisted denim shorts ( especially white!) and a tan belt in the shorts. The top has a really nice retro vibe to it and is something I would never go for but I have safely fallen in love with it despite it being a far cry away from my beloved dresses and peter pan collars. The top was £18 or at the time (I'm not sure if it still is) was on a offer with various of cute tops of similar styles which made it really hard to choose one and I nearly got two! where you got 20% if you bought two which is AMAZING. I mean that's about £30 for two really good quality tops that work with moreless everything and are really easy to throw on.

The second top I got from Urban Outfitters is this absolutely gorgeous heart print top with a high I think they call funnel neck?;) top. I just love this so much. At first I was a lil wary about the top because as much as I loved it when I saw the back I was lil taken back and was like woah there is no way I can pull this off at all and had this image in my head that if the button in the middle of it came off whilst I was out everything would be on show and there would be no escape route...nonetheless I took a punt and bought it anyway and thought I would see what it looked like on and give it a chance because I loved the print and neck on the top that much. And?... It was fine! It actually looked really nice and minus a bra and instead using the trusty tape this top looks so lovely, it can be worn down or dressed up as well. During the day it can easily be put on with a high waisted pair of black skinny jeans and lil booties and then at night with some light denim high waisted jeans and tan heels would look really good especially on a date night with a lil red clutch! And down from £35 to £18 it was a total steal.

After Urban outfitters I went to Primark *sigh not a good idea* I always end up spending wayyy more than I should but this time I managed to buy little as the store where I live was being refurbished so there was less there than normal *thank goodness* so little damage was done.. although this isn't what I only purchased I didn't think you would be interested in some tights, underwear and frozen joggers although I frickin love my frozen joggers so much

My main and favourite purchase from Primark was this gorgeous jumpsuit (yes it lacks in colour but its got a print right?;)) It was definitely a brave purchase on my front, but the fact it's black and white does make it a lil less daring I guess but it's something I would never go for generally, it buttons up at the front and has a pull around the middle that brings it in at the waist and lil elastcated bits on the bottom by the ankles, I haven't worn a jump suit for as long as I can remember but they are something that have always suited me and I remember a phase where I wore them all the time and it's a phase I kinda want to get back into if that's  possible...;) Like previous purchases on this post I think its something that can be easily dressed up or down, put with a leather jacket and either some nice ankle boots or bright heels and yeah it's a jumpsuit I want to make work and at £13 its worth a try!.

Shying away from shopping in the open, I took to Boohoo and spent hours trawling through their clearance and found some very me purchases...

The first two things I purchased from boohoo were these two dresses, both on sale at the AMAZING price of £5!! Dresses are something I wear all the time even through winter I throw on some thick black tights and ankle booties with them and anything with flower prints I am automatically grabbed too, the dress on the left is a sort of knitted material so it's a good dress to wear at this sort of time of the year where it's still not v warm outside and the print is really vivid and I basically just love it:)  The second dress is sort of split the top half of the dress is attached at the sleeves which makes it appear as if it is a t-shirt over a skirt and is made from a really lovely soft floaty material and goes really well with a leather or denim jacket. I love both of these dresses and know they are something which I will get a lot of wear out of.

 I must have been really brave when I purchased all these because these treggings are something I have seen a lot of places and always wanted to try rock but never had the guts to buy too now.I really love the print on these and the white turn up on the bottom is a really cute touch. Paired with a really simple block colour top and sandals I think they will look really nice on and they are made out of a really stretchy material and yeah I just love them and hope I am able to pull them off! I think they were down from £20 to £10 as I remember

I hope you are all having a good week!:)

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