Thursday, 4 June 2015

A bit of ombre instead of sombre?!

For the past few months I have been somewhat unhappy with the colour of my hair, well not unhappy but I just haven't been loving it all that much and I am really fancying a change. 

Back in February I decided I wanted to lighten my hair and inject some blonde into it and with the advice of my trusty hairdresser we decided on what he called "sombre" it's basically ombre however the different tones are run throughout the whole of your hair rather than just then ends...I have always been quite experimental when it comes to hair, from cutting it into different lengths and styles and various different highlights.

At the moment I am fairly happy with the length of it (although I do want to keep growing it) however I do think it may benefit from a few more choppy layers to add a bit more texture and volume and the ends trimmed to get rid of any split ends so my hair grows at the best possible it rate it can.

The issue however? The colour, I just do not like it anymore

From day 1 I have never been one to take a risk when it comes to dying my whole hair and played it safe every time and gone slightly lighter than my natural shade ( a coppery gingery blonde;)) natural hair colour being honest...I dislike with a passion... a lot of people compliment me on it and say it's got gold tones through it that remind them of tinsel (not sure if that's a good thing) but I just find it so dull and boring...
Currently I really really want my hair similar to the images above of Kylie possibly with a lighter brown on top though... I just absolutely love it and it's something I have always wanted to do with my hair but never had the courage to do..

I know a lot of people say that you should go darker in the autumn/winter and lighter in the spring/summer but when you have a complexion as ghostly pale as mine if I went too dark I would look like a zombie...having highlights is something I love having done because I always feel as a person I look a lot healthier and it adds a lot of warmth to my face I feel...

I think having my hair darkened into a more brunette colour is the only big deal so to say out of this because my hair has had experience with blondeness and I know I love having blonde in my hair.

Where does that leave me? well yeah..I am thinking of making hair appointment for as soon as possible and taking the dive to do it

If anybody has any advice on what I should do I would love to know:)

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