Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Childhood Reminiscing

Okay so this post is a lil different to what I would normally do but its something I really wanted to share with you all:) 

As  I am sure many of you are aware unless you live in a hole S Club 7 got back together for Children in Need last November and then decided to go on a tour titled " Bring it all back".  Now when this was announced I literally screamed with excitement for a whole 5 mins and danced round the room like a total looney. I have always been a massive fan of S Club 7 as having an older sister who idolised them as a kid I grew up listening to them and fell in love too.  

I was straight on the phone to my sister telling her buying tickets were a must! We had already seen them when we was younger not that I saw much or remember much for that matter but we will get to that part later;) and giddly rambling to her at how good this all this was even if their vocals weren't as good, this was bigger than when Mcfly joined Busted and that's saying something! 

So we booked our tickets and hotels to see them in Manchester this May and the months of counting down turned to days and then on Friday 8th May I finally got to see them and this time I didn't fall asleep! Last time we went I was about 4 and somehow I managed to sleep through most of the concert not a clue how but i did;).

Now my exceptions weren't that high it was just a good night which included my favourite food after mash potato pizza and childhood reminiscing but OMG it was so much better than I thought! It was an amazing night and S Club really did a good performance and everybody was up on their feet and singing and dancing all the way through, everyone still knew the words to all the songs and had so much fun. To finish this post I decided to share a few photos with you:) 

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