Monday, 1 June 2015

Current Lipstick Favourite

I go through lipsticks more than I do socks in a week. I am always wearing different colours/shades and trying new ones as soon as they come out. Look in the bottom of my bag and you would find at least 7 i'm positive.

The other day I decided I wanted to go and buy myself a new lipstick and in the end after much deliberation I decided to try a "TopShop Lip Bullet" in the shade Heartbeat. Topshop make-up was a brand I used to use a lot when I first began to wear make-up when it came to lipstick, a few years back as it was recommend by quite a few people but over time I forgot about it and all my old favourites such as Brighton Rock had been pushed to the back of my drawer. But now my love for TopShop lipstick is very much back after trying this lip bullet. I have been wearing this consistently ever since I bought it which is unusual for me because I tend to wear a different lipstick everyday.

Price- £8

Reasons to love this lipstick

♥ It's really easy to apply and doesn't smudge easily
♥ It has a high pigmentation which is easily bulidable and has amazing staying power
♥ The colour is just beautiful ( With a touch a coral it is a very red apple shade) and perfect for this time of year (coming into spring) and will suit most skin tones
♥ Even when it has worn off it still leaves, a gorgeous slight red stain on your lips

♥ It can be worn during the day to brighten up any outfit but is also great to wear on a date night or any other occassion.
♥ Very nourishing and soft on the lips

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