Sunday, 7 June 2015

Someday Summary

♥ I ordered a gorgeous new playsuit from Boohoo that was only £8!!! and a pink tripod yes PINK I can't wait for them to come:)
♥ After much thought I decided college just wasn't for me, so instead I plan to go back into musical theatre next year which I am SO SO excited about 
♥ I have been in contact with the most lovely woman about photographing some events which is my second love after theatre
♥  I spent the whole of yesterday snuggled up in bed watching Disney movies, eating pizza and Ben and Jerry's 
♥  Things are being rekindled with people I lost contact with 
♥  My parents came home with flowers for me to put in my room (anybody who knows me knows I just love flowers and think a house without them is a sad house;))
♥ I persuaded myself to have strawberries and chocolate for the first time in ages which isn't much for anybody but for me it is
♥ I have had a positive hair and make-up day and fallen in love with the benefit roller lash mascara 
♥ and not to forget today has been SUNNY YES SUNNY

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