Monday, 1 June 2015

Carlisa are you there?

Why hollowawoahha. It has been a long time since I have curled up and wrote a blog post for you my pretties. It's been a month or two??:o 

So what have I been doing in my uneventful, unexciting life these past two months may you ask?

Well quite a lot has happened actually, so to make it easier for you all i'll break it down into lil points;)
  • I have been ill. Not with a horribly coldy flu. Something a lot more serious and concerning my mental health, which has caused a lot of issues and prevented me doing a lot.
  • I have had a lot more college work. College + End of year = lots of work to cram in and finish and when I wasn't doing mountains of college work I was spending time with my boyfriend,  snuggled up under my duvet with a hot choccie watching Netflix covered in goosies at this somewhat horrible weather for what is supposed to be now spring/summer:(
  • I have been travelling a fair few times further up North ( Whitby/Scarborough/York) with my parents at the possibility of moving there this summer, which would mean I wouldn't able to finish college here but its something exciting and change can be good:) 
  • My laptop charger broke... ( containing all my blog photos/ editing software and ideas)
  • Then when I went to use another laptop whilst I waited for a charger, the internet browser didn't work and every time I used it the internet browser would crash every 10 minutes making doing any work/ writing blog posts and just general use impossible
There it is. My list of 5 what we will call "excuses" to why I haven't been blogging the past two months. I am aware watching Netflix is not a good excuse but fear not I would have much rather been blogging, My laptop now has a brand new dazzling charger that works and I can access all the software I need to in order to edit my photos and use the internet without it breaking on me every 10 minutes, and also, i have more less no work left to do which allowed me to curl up in bed and write this blog post today and explain where I have been, whats gone on and what I have been up too. Its a life update that covers two months one could say. 

There is lots of blog posts on there way my lovelies promise,
So keep them eyes peeled.

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