Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Review: Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation

I heard quite a hype around this foundation and after I tried out the BB alternative  I decided at some point I would have to buy the foundation . I had run out of my well used trusty Rimmel Match Perfection and long behold my mum came home having bought me the foundation.


First off this is by far the better of foundations by Bourjois. There is a wide range of different shades available which being honest made it quite frankly difficult to decide on the right one because there was little differentiation between them. Something I did pick up on however is every time I have seen this foundation about there has never been darker shades for people sort of past I would say olive skin tone. Literally NONE. This seems something that happens a lot with Bourjois though because other foundations they make also don't have darker shades. 

The packaging is..average not the worse but not amazing. It's in a glass bottle which for travelling isn't all that great. However the foundation does have a pump which makes dispensing the product so much easier and less messy!  It's got the main ingredients listed and makes clear the products intentions/benefits. One thing I did notice however is the coverage wasn't mentioned. 

The foundation has a slight floral scent to it...this doesn't bother me too much but to people who prefer a foundation without a scent it might be.
From using the product myself numerous times I think the foundation gives (i'm guessing as I said they haven't stated) a medium to buildable coverage. It is quite a thin, runny consistency, however not watery and it is thicker than that of their Healthy Mix foundation.  I would say using your fingers to blend it isn't the best of ideas but instead using a brush which is a lot denser because at times it can be difficult to blend and it also sets quite fast so you have to work quite quickly.

Regarding the pigments, I can't comment on the green as I don't really suffer from any redness bud I did feelas if it hid dark circles well without the use of any concealer and my skin definitely did looked brighter and healthy overall.Another "claim" Bourjois make is that the foundation offers 24hr hydration, Yes it is hydrating foundation I agree with that and did not feel as if it dried my skin out but for no more than a measly two hours if that, nowhere near a day!

The finish I love. I am normally a sucker for a dewy finish foundation but this foundation gives I wouldn't say too matte but quite a powdered finish and doesn't look cake or unnatural in any way.It doesn't always work how you want it to though and at times can leave you looking patchy and with orange streaks.

Overall, I am a bit on the fence with this foundation and not sure if I would try it again, but it isn't the worse foundation I have tried!
What are your opinions on Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation?

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