Friday, 19 June 2015

A lil bit of Aria from PLL: HOTD

Anybody who knows me, knows how much I love PLL (pretty little liars! although I shouldn't have to say;)). When I say love I basically mean obsessed. If there is a new episode I will watch that episode on repeat until the next episode is on and I mean repeat. I will have seen that episode at least 9 times before the next episode has come on. It does everybody's head in because by then anybody who has had to witness this knows all the words as much as me and has had to suffer and moan (semi-damaging their voice;)) at how much I watch it.

Recently I have picked up on a super cute and easy hairstyle that Aria (Lucy Hale) has worn numerous times. It's just a simple lowish ponytail but keeping the fringe out and having a middle parting. It's that easy! I absolutely love this hairstyle and it's really easy to do if you are rushing out the house because it literally takes two seconds! I have never been a fan of hair bobbles so when doing this I tie my hair up with a clear elastic. Another idea is you could wrap part of your hair around the ponytail to conceal any tie.. I bet that would look super cute:)

Ever one to dislike super flat hair I still add a bit of texture to this style by grabbing my backcomb and just slightly teasing parts of my hair and at the roots of my fringe. On some occassions (outfit dependent) I like to add a cute lil bow to the ponytail and when I have the effort and time beachy waves.

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