Thursday, 6 August 2015

A slightly late July Favourites..

These are a range of my most used/favourite products from July! (Be warned some of the things are very random;)..

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

I have always wanted to give this a go and try it, so when my much loved Clinque primer was all used up ( I even cut the bottle in half and scraped every last bit out) I contemplated investing in it but ended up choosing the more poopy Elf one which gave me red irritable patches:( but long behold my sister brought me this back from Duty Free and oh my gosh it is friggin incredible. Honestly this product is AWESOME!
It creates such a good flawless base and you can really feel it tighten your skin and see the glow, the only issue I found is to me it smelt slightly grannified if that's even a thing?;) or that bar soap you were forced to use as a kid in school (I hated that stuff!), but once you get past the smell this product is a real gem. It doesn't irritate my skin and it has been lasting absolutely ages. I've had it over a month now and I still have at least half of it left. Definitely a worthwhile investment :) 

Estee Lauder Lipstick- 301 Crystal Baby

This lipstick is  super pigmented and the most gorgeous of pinky nude shades. I am very impressed with it, definitely worth the money!.
I also LOVE the smell, it reminds me of forest fruit frubes haha.
I have been wearing this everyday constantly, it goes with everything and isn't drying out on the lips in any way it's extremely moisturising and has replaced my MAC Myth satin lipstick as my favourite. 
Also it lasts a decent amount of time.
It is simply fabby:)

Soap And Glory Thick And Fast Mascara 

I struggled so much finding this mascara because every time I went to buy it, it was out of stock and I didn't want to buy it online as a single item and have to pay delivery.
I'd heard everyone rave about it and of recent Velvetgh0st did on her channel, so I really wanted to give it a go.I did however, manage to find it in a store further away from me and obviously I bought it straight away.I actually really love the effect this mascara has on the eyes and the way it applies. The rave was certainly within reason. It is really high quality and doesn't have a cheap tacky smell to it and of yet *touch wood* not caused my lashes to clump.
Although, I must say it hasn't removed or replaced my love for the benefit roller lash or Maybelliene big eyes, it's just a good alternative for when I am in need.
But all praise Soap And Glory for this fabby mascara!

Yeo Valley Limited Edition Papaya And Lime Yoghurt

Yes, yes I have included a pot of yoghurt in my favourites..haha..but I have just loved this yoghurt and it's been one of my favourite things this month so it's only right I include it isn't? When I first saw this on the supermarket shelf I can't say it appealed to me because it just seemed such an odd flavour and i'm pretty sure the only reason I decided to buy it was because I loved the packaging (good enough reason right?;)). Anyway this yoghurt is actually so so good and tastes nothing like you'd expect it to! It isn't laugh your ears off tangy but it isn't sickly sweet either it's just the perfect balance. The best part is it is good for you and healthy and tastes amazing with a whole array of fruit especially raspberries and blueberries:) as the flavour isn't that strong or overpowering and it just makes me want to eat breakfast which I always try to avoid because I am not a breakfast person at all.
Yeo Valley you did good!

Orphan Black

 I had been contemplating watching this for months on Netflix after so many people were raving about it and telling me to watch it. When somebody first mentioned it to me I was honestly like oh my gosh that sounds really dark and gory (there is moments when I do squeal and have to run out the room;)) and just not my sort of program at all so I put off watching but I finally did it and watched an episode and it is honestly so so good! I'm not going to say too much so not to spoil it, but if you haven't watched it and your into programs such as PLL (pretty little liars) and Once Upon A Time definitely watch it and give it a chance as I am sure you will love it and get hooked after the first few episodes just like I did:)

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