Monday, 8 September 2014

Smile and Walk away....

Today I am going to show you what I fell in love with but had to quickly walk away from. 

Walking into Selfridges is amazing and for one moment we like to think we can afford most of what we see in there ( Alexander McQueen clutches and Michael Kors watches) but we can't... So there I was walking through Selfridges with my sister when I spotted these beaut Kurt Geiger's Although they weren't exactly hard to spot. Many people may look and think why do you even like them? But I love bright colours and  I have the tendency to play it safe with shoes , in fact most of mine are black and I own a lot...... that makes me sound like a really miserable person. I love love love these shoes, and I was pretty positive I could walk in them- haha. They were however around £300 so I politely smiled at the sales assistant,said my goodbyes and walked away :( 

Moving up a floor it didn't take me long to find something else which I loved and personally I thought was actually a necessity, despite already owning a set of make-up brushes. These Bobbi Brown make-up brushes felt really really good quality and were the perfect size for taking with you travelling. Top marks for the size of the bag. I recommend these to people who are just starting to enjoy make-up and want to start learning proper techniques for applying it. Also whilst on the topic of Bobbi Brown I have always recommended the Bobbi Brown make-up manual. The book is like my make-up bible and I have had it for years. It taught me loads of techniques and just increased my fondness in make-up. Whether you are a beginner or a pro everybody needs this book! Best £20 I ever spent. Back to the brushes ,my sister kindly pointed out that I owned them all already so it would pointless me buying them (again). There is just no winning her over Damn!


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