Sunday, 7 September 2014

Oh So Vintage.....

Currently I am going crazy over trying new vintage looks whether its what I am wearing or how I style my hair and make-up.  

The first hairstyle I have been playing around with at the moment is a half beehive complete with finger waves and a small victory roll in the back. It may sound really difficult but it basically involves a whole load of back coming and a lot of hairspray! 

I wore this hairstyle out to quite a formal occasion rather than as an everyday look because it does take about half an hour to do and I also think if you did want to wear it as an everyday look it would need toning down. 

To achieve the hairstyle I started by separating the top and bottom of my hair. Taking the top part of my hair I began to back comb it and placing styling powder between the layers as I went along. Once I was happy with the amount of volume I had put in my hair I pulled it all over to the back of my head and pushed it up. Using a dressing brush I smoothed my hair out and created an even semi circle on my head. I then simply clipped it into place. 

I then took a small section from the bottom of my hair and swirled it to create a roll around my fingers and pinned it into position. With the rest of my hair I used a large barreled curling wand to create ringlets and then brushed them out so they fell like finger waves.

Spray tons of hairspray all over to ensure that it won't fall out!!

Walla that is it! It will take some practice ( It took me about 17 attempts..) but one thing I would advice is that you put your hair in a middle parting to begin with.

I'm sorry if how I explained it made no sense but at least I tried!!

In my next post I am going to talk about a vintage make-up look that I have been loving and go through all the products I used.

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