Sunday, 22 February 2015

The start of something new..maybe?

Okay so after months/years of endlessly scrolling through thousands of blogs from beauty to lifestyle, one reoccurring post I have seen is whats called "someday summary".  Bloggers pick a day and for that day every week they will do a summary of their day from whats made them to smile to what they haven't stopped drinking all day. But rather than just picking one day and sticking to it i'm just randomly going to do one whenever I feel like it or this may not even become a regular thing, it all depends on whether you would like me to do this or not because you are the readers and I want to make sure my content makes you happy :) The reason i'm starting today is because well I have had something a little odd happen this morning but safe to say it made me laugh.

♥ I am wearing this Green Topshop Bobble Beanie, bought for £7 and I have had so many compliments on it ( making me v happy) and it was really good price.
♥ Currently watching endless old episodes of new girl
♥ I've been eating too much is by far the best cereal ever.
♥ This is when I insert the slightly weird event that occurred this morning just after I got up and when I was still moping around in my PJ's nothing new there;) okay so basically some 12 year old knocked on the door and said he was lost and needed to call his mum, so me being the nice person I am gave him my phone and told him to stand inside whilst he did because it was raining really heavy and after he was like I didn't call my mum, I called myself and now I have your number and ran out the door..., as bizarre as that was and how i'm now reluctant to answer any phone call and jump every time i get a text it somewhat lifted my mood onto the positive side.

♥ My boyfriend made me not only smile but laugh a lot today and I can't wait to see him tomorrow
♥ MINI EGGS ( nothing more needed to be said)

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